Why go Intersalon?

  1. Access from anywhere at anytime

    Traditional Software Xero

    Only available on one computer.

    Accessible from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

    Different versions of your data regularly exist on different computers.

    One data source that is accesible by everybody.

    Once you buy the software, you're on your own.

    You're never alone – get the benefits of a an online community for support and product feedback.

  2. Easy to use

    Traditional Software Xero

    Complex user interface that requires significant training.

    Minimal data entry making it simple to for any user.

    Multi-year product cycles mean little innovation.

    Frequent improvements, quickly incorporating your feedback.

    Administration and installation of any upgrades needs to be done by an expert.

    No software administration required.

  1. Safe, Secure & managed

    Traditional Software Xero

    Computer and its data can be lost, stolen or erased. Manual backups are the responsibility of the salon.

    Your salon and customers information is securely stored on our servers, and is automatically backed up.

    Infrequent and complex upgrades, often mandatory to receive support.

    All software updates and new features are automatically applied and available next time you log in.

  2. Cost Efficient

    Traditional Software Xero

    You must purchase an upgrade license or be on a support programme to use any new features in the latest release.

    All updates are free and automatic – just log in.

    Setup costs for dedicated computers to meet software requirements.

    No setup costs, accessible from any computer that has a browser.

    Potential additional license costs for every additional user or computer that has the software installed.

    Unlimited users. No extra charge for sharing your information – you control who has access.

    Hefty upfront costs for software license and installation.

    No up-front costs and pay-as-you-go helps even out your cashflow.