What is Intersalon?

Files & Photos - Complete customer history

Store Customer Attachments Safely and Securely

The Intersalon customer file manager provides the salon with the capability to manage customer files such as photos and PDFs. Files can be easily uploaded to Intersalon for safe storage and easy access.

The file manager allows the salon to organise the files by adding folders to store the files and there is no limit on the number or size of file that can be uploaded.

Once in Intersalon you can be sure that they are being protected by our automated scheduled backup system.

As with all data in Intersalon the files can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection so whether you are on the move or working from home you can be sure you have all your data at hand.


Card View

When the file manager is being used to manage client photo's then an image can be selected as a default image for the customer. This image is then displayed in client record cards and customer selection widgets to make it easier to confirm client details.