What is Intersalon?


Widgets allow the salon to customise the functionality of their Intersalon system.

Widgets perform regular tasks such as adding a customer or searching for future availability and can arranged to form a salon dashboard.

Most widgets are appropriate to all salons but some have been optimised to meet the specific needs of the business type i.e. hair or beauty.

Widgets highlights include:

  • Customer Selection
  • Adding New Customers
  • Single Service Availability Check (Hair)
  • Multi Service Availability Check (Beauty)
  • Open Tickets
  • Closed Tickets
  • Cash Register
  • Quick Reports
  • Quick Charts
  • Time and Attendance
Designed for Speed

Each of the widgets make the day to day operations of a salon quick and easy. Widgets are designed to communicate and work together.

Multi Tasking

One of the great features of the widgets is the ability to multi task. For example the 'Open Tickets' widget and the 'Quick Checkout' widget can be overlaid on top of the salon diary so that customers can be checked in and out without having to leave the diary.

Quick Walk-Ins

Walk in sales and appointments are made easy with the 'Quick Sale' widget.