Business Tips: How to Use Intersalon to Reduce No Shows

No shows are the pain of every salon owners life, cositng both time and money. We think it's such an important an issue that we've included it as one of our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on the salon's dashboard.
The dashboard lets you see how no shows are impacting on your bottom line and allows you to select the period over over which the number and total costs are accumulated.

salon software no show dashboard

No Show Reduction

So how do we reduce the cost of no shows? An increasing number of salons are insisting of taking deposit with the booking, this might reduce the cost and provide and incentive for the client but introduces more administration and training for the salons reception staff.

Another method is provide a reminder system for the client, assuming that most clients no show when they forget about their appointment. Intersalon supports both email and SMS appointment reminders. Email is very popular and is our suggested starting point because it costs the salon nothing to setup and run but does rely on the customer having and providing a valid email address. Intersalon ensures that customers that register and book online provide a valid email address.

SMS is probably the most effective reminder service but can get very costly. Even so, it does offer good value for money if it helps reduce your no shows. The costs of an SMS varies depending on how many you buy, we offer bulk purchases that can reduce the cost of each SMS to 6p. Intersalon also provides a number of different sending strategies to identify and target potential no shows rather than send to all, this will help is reducing the costs of the SMS service.

Published 30/04/2010 11:26:51 by Web Team

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