Optimising Online Salon Software

We do get a number of questions from customers about the speed of their system and if there are any ways in which it can be speeded up. Intersalon requires a reasonable broadband speed, we normally say 2MByte for download and 512KByte for upload and its the upload that always catches people out.

Upload is important because unlike simple web browsing, Intersalon has to remember lots of information between each page load so it stores this information in the page and sends it back each time a page is refreshed. Broadband providers always talk about the download speed because this is the headline figure that makes them sound like there are providing a super fast service. It always good to check both the upload and the download to ensure you have a sufficient connection speed to run Intersalon effectively.

We advise the use of, a free service with test servers based around the world. To use, open a web browser, preferably the browser used for Intersalon and in the address bar, type Once the page has completed loading, click the big 'Begin Test' button. Until the test is complete, please do not use the internet as it may affect your speed results.

At the end of the test, 3 values will be displayed. Download Speed should be at least 2.0, and ideally substantially more. Upload Speed should be at least 0.5, and again ideally more.

Salon Software Speed Test

Once your satisifed with your connection speed you can reduce the overhead on the system by turning off widgets on the home page that you don't use. The widgets in Intersalon have been designed to match the requirements of the different business types that use Intersalon so consequently some will be more useful than others so it makes sense if you hide the ones you are not using regularly, you can always switch them back on again later.

We have a help document that details how to optimise Intersalon and turn off those unused widgets, please follow this link Optimising Intersalon

Published 16/08/2012 16:02:35 by Web Team