First Release of 2012 Ready For Launch

It seems like we've been saying it for a while now but we finally have the new release for 2012 ready for launch. Having had a positive Christmas break coding and testing, a January beta seemed a possibility, however experience should have told us that this was never going to be the case and the volume of work completed meant the testing and the validation phases needed to be exhaustive.

As well as the usual mix of new features and minor improvements, we really wanted to do something innovative in this version and set a platform for the future of Intersalon. We listened to the great feedback from our customers and worked on how we can better present the power of Intersalon to our users so they can get the full value from their salon software

In this blog we're going to highlight some of the new ideas and concepts that have worked us so hard and excite us the most.

salon software widget'Widgets' are new for 2012 and represent small pieces of salon software functionality. Widgets have been designed to suit the varying demands being placed on the software by the diverse businesses that are now using Intersalon. There are widgets that work perfectly for hair salons, others that are more suited to the way beauty salons work and obviously a core that are great for everybody.

The salon user can select, move and organise their widgets to form their perfect salon software dashboard. A dashboard that will mean its quicker to check availability and book in clients, create sales and get a snapshot of salon performance at a glance.

salon software translate
Building on Intersalon's strength in meeting the requirements of salons and clinics all over the world we've now added a new feature which we call 'Caption Control'. Using caption control its now possible for the end user to change or rephrase any of the text or dialogs inside the salon software.

Obviously this might mean changing the word 'Stylist' for 'Therapist' and 'Service' for 'Treatment' but it can also be used to translate the whole user interface into another language or culture. We will be adding some standard conversions as part of our online documentation.

Another feature we're sure our customers are going to like is 'Issue Based Newsletters'. Traditionally, Intersalon has used the salon's website as the source for all newsletters but now salon newsletters can be produced from within the salon management software and each newsletter can have an infinite number of issues. The newsletter can be prepared at anytime, previewed and then sent when complete or scheduled for mail out. We will also be producing a series of stunning newsletter templates that are customers can select and customise, ensuring the highest quality output with the minimal effort.

That completes our brief look at the some of the headline features of Intersalon Salon Software 2012 Volume 1. Be sure to read all about whats new by following this link.

Published 26/02/2012 19:38:58 by Web Team