Intersalon Mobile and Tablet

We get many feature requests connected to the improvement of Intersalon's mobile and tablet functionality.  Almost all areas of Intersalon are accessible already via mobile devices, but at the moment this is restricted to the full Intersalon system as seen on a PC or laptop.  While the interface works on large monitors, we also know the user experience suffers as you move down to a tablet device, and further still on a mobile phone display.

For several months we've been developing a new mobile interface for Intersalon.  Built from the ground up to use modern mobile technologies and compatible with all major phone operating systems, the new interface gives you what you need when you need it - and make all day to day tasks much easier to execute and complete.  The touch interface provides access to all the major Intersalon features, and while you'll recognise that it is still Intersalon, the improved ease of use on mobile devices really help you to get things done much faster than before.

Intersalon Mobile adapts to the device and screen size you use.

We're planning on soft-launching this soon and in the short term, we're just building in the important aspects of any salon software system - customer data, appointments, retail sales.  Eventually though the plan is to completely replicate all Intersalon features ensuring you can run your salon not only from any internet-connected computer in the world, but any tablet or mobile device too.

We've implemented a consistant look and feel across the entire mobile web-app, with list view and detail view pages much like the original Intersalon application.  The planner also makes the jump across - and is largely unchanged in terms of operation, but as you might expect, resizes correctly for the screen size in use.

We hope mobile friendly Intersalon will help all our customers - from solo mobile hair stylists to larger businesses using iPad's in the salon environment. 

The new mobile app is currently in internal testing, and we hope to go live in August 2014.

Published 25/06/2014 10:50:10 by Web Team