What's coming up in 15.2

Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out a few enhancements to the current version of Intersalon. Below is a summary of some of the new features or any more changes.

Editing Toolbar

We've added a new toolbar to every data entry page within Intersalon that allows for faster editing and navigation.

editor toolbar

It's now easier to go back to the 'List', 'Save' the current object, 'Save and Close' which will firstly does a save and then take you back to the list, 'Save and New' which saves and then creates a new object, 'Previous' opens up the previous object in the list and 'Next' which opens up the next object in the list.

Email Template Editing

We often got the request to create custom email templates for salons so they could write their own words. The system always had this capaility built in but we've now made it possible for the salon themselves to create and edit their own confirmation and reminder emails. The templates can be found in the 'Settings-->Email Appointment Templates' section.
email editor

Date Range Filter On All Grids

Two new representation modes inspired by Microsoft Windows Explorer are now available on grids that have a date column header filter dropdown. You can define a date range using a calendar or date editors. In both modes, the filter dropdown displays a customizable list of check boxes that allow you to select common date intervals: 'Last week', 'Last month', 'Last year', etc.
date range editor

Diary Speed Improvements

Whenever we get questions regarding the performance of the system, it's always usually the planner that the customer is referring to. So in this release we've done some work on speeding up how quickly the planner is displayed.

iCal Calendar Export

Intersalon now allows a stylists or therapists diary to be export in real time to a third party system. This allows you to connect the diary with another device like a phone, tablet or a remote booking system such as Wahanda. A unique URL is generated for each stylist which can be found in the Stylists-->Settings section.

Published 13/11/2015 14:49:46 by Web Team