How to Save Report Data to Excel

From time to time you might need to extract data from Intersalon and manipulate it in another programme. For example,  a mail merge for traditional marketing.
In this blog post I'll take you through a few easy steps to allow you to take customer data and copy it into Microsoft Excel.

1. Firstly, open and create a new Excel workbook.

Microsoft Excel

2. Select and run the report to get the data

Report Viewing

3. Hover anywhere over the report data with your mouse then then press the right click mouse button. A menu should be displayed with an option to 'Select All'. The first image below shows the menu in Firefox but 'Select All' is an option in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari it may just appear in a different position on the menu.

select all
4. With everything selected, right click again and this time select the 'Copy' option.

copy option

5. Then switch to your new Excel document and click on the cell in the worksheet, usually somewhere near the top left hand corner, and then right click again and select 'Paste'. The content of the report should get correctly converted into Excel rows and columns. You can add extra formatting as required using the standard tools in Excel.

excel paste

Published 22/09/2010 13:36:37 by Web Team