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What new in Version 2010.Volume2?

Item price change in checkout process

Sometimes you may require to vary the price of your services or products depending on time and resources. Within the Intersalon checkout process you can easily manupulate these items to the price you want to charge.

Intersalon uses cookies to define workstations

We've changed the way workstations are defined in Intersalon.  Registering a workstation allows you to use the "Salon Access Only" feature of Intersalon. We've made this process more reliable, and will work correctly for all users, even those with dynamic ip addresses. 

In this version, we also save the screen resolution.  This allows us to customise the appointment planner for your screen size.  This does mean you will have to register your workstation when you first use the software, otherwise the planner may appear too small.  Click here to see a tutorial

VAT is changing.

As part of this upgrade, Intersalon is changing the way it calculates VAT, and also offers different options to suit any business.  It's important the VAT mode is chosen correctly.  For more information on migrating to the new version, please see our help topic here. Click here for a tutorial.

New SMS payment system

In order to bring cheaper SMS rates for our customers, you can now deal directly with our SMS supplier.  This gives you the cheaper rates, and special offers without the middle-man.  Simply input your account details into Intersalon, and the system will use your account to send SMS.  You have full control of your account, and extra credits are purchased direct from the supplier. You can read a tutorial by clicking here

Email appointment reminders!

One of our more requested features - email appointment reminders are here.  Easy set up with the minimum of fuss, appointment reminders are proven to reduce no shows, and are now part of Intersalon at no extra cost.  You can also send out appointment confirmation emails as the appointment is booked.

Improvements to booking search tools

The appointment booking search tool has been expanded to easily search for appointment for the same day, or future dates.  You can quickly switch between the selected day, the day after and day before to find an ideal appointment time for your customer.

Intersalon Dashboard new features

The Intersalon Dashboard, added in our last update, has been very popular with our customers.  This time we've added to the functionality and added additional sections.  You can now see how your salon performs against our national averages, and check your products/services split.  You can also see recently closed tickets and values.  All existing functionality remains.

Improved gift voucher functionality

We've improved support for gift vouchers.  Gift vouchers are added in exactly the same way as products.  A simple checkbox enabled the product as a gift voucher.  In the checkout process, selecting this gift voucher then gives two options - redeem, and purchase.

New online help system for Intersalon

Alongside our development path, we've been building a brand new help system for Intersalon.  The help system can be used in 2 different ways.  Every screen within Intersalon now includes a 'Help' button.  Clicking this provides instant in-line help specific for the screen you are on.

The help system is also available outside of Intersalon, and includes common questions, module help, setup hints and user guides for common tasks.  The help system is available 24 hours a day at http://help.vaalto.co.uk/intersalon and don't forget we're available for telephone and email support.

Planner Resource View

We've added resource management functionality to the system.  This is primarilty for room management, but can be used for other purposes as well.  By simply assigning a resource for each appointment or treatment, the system can then alert you to any overbooking.  From the main appointment view, you can quickly flip into resource view.  This gives you a quick snapshot of the state of your resources or room usage.

Print daily stylist appointment lists from the planner

We've added the ability to print daily appointment lists for each stylist directly from the planner right click menu.  Each appointment list contains all the appointments for the selected day for the selected stylist.  These lists have been designed with our Intersalon receipt printer in mind, but are also compatible with other standard printers. 

Cash and Card split payments

An extra option for ‘Card/Cash’ is now available within Intersalon. This new option is a direct response to requests from our customers. As you might expect, this allows your salon customers to part pay on credit or debit card, and pay the remainder in cash.  The new checkout process also remembers where you were in the software, so when the process is complete you'll be taken back there.

New calender functionality on date selection

We've replicated the sidebar calendar functionality and embedded it directly into your full screen planner area. A drop down arrow next to the 'today' button lets you easily and quickly select an alternative day within having to bring the side menu back up.

We've added 2 brand new themes.

We added theming options with our last software update, and this time we've added two more.  'Office Blue' is our new default theme and 'Express' can also be selected from the theme selection, along with all existing themes.

Database Paging improvements

We've increased page sizes on all the main database areas - such as client lists, order lists and services.  This means more information is visible on a single page, rather than having to click through page after page of data to find what you are looking for.  We've also added "Select all" options to these pages to make large scale changes or deletions to data.

Improvements for touch screen users

Although Intersalon works well with touchscreens, we've made changes across the package to help our touch screen users further.  Bigger toolbar buttons and modifications to appointment booking popups and planner menus makes touchscreen use easier than ever. We've also made major changes to specific areas of the software to aid touchscreen use.  The till request, float change and cashing up facilities have been rebuilt from scratch for this purpose.

Intersalon now runs faster than ever

With Intersalon being online software we know our customers expect the fastest salon software system available online. New updates and improvements across the package, Intersalon now runs faster than ever.

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