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Whats new in Intersalon

What new in Version 3.2?

New customer loyalty system introduced

Intersalon extends its functionality with a customer loyalty reward system. This allows you, the salon, to improve business strategies by offering regular customers with the opportunity to earn loyalty points which can be used at a later date once they earn over a certain threshold.

This new feature is also compatible with card reader hardware which can be ordered through Intersalon.

Customer status and edit options available in checkout process

Ensuring that your customer details are always up to date is crucial to you as a salon. Intersalons latest release includes the option to verify the customers contact details in the checkout procedure. Also included, is a status of the customer previous appointment history alerting you with any anomaly information.

New service and product discount options

A new feature updated on the latest version of Intersalon is the option to choose specific discounts applied to a checkout such as; Service or Product Only.

Improved accessibility to editing stylists

The ease of understanding how to edit new and current stylists within Intersalon as just got better. This includes;

Stylist rates editing – The ability to edit and add new service rates to individual stylists is now integrated into the Stylists section.

New customer appointment features

To make your day in the salon easier the need to keep your planner organised is crucial. The brand new Intersalon planner now includes the option to store customer referral preferences and also displays the current status of each appointment.

New and improved appointment booking process

When appointments are constantly been booked into the planner, it is important that Intersalon helps you to complete this task as quick and simple as possible. With the use of the new appointment booking process, this gives you an alternative way to book your appointments. This  new functionality includes the ability to book multiple appointments and also include any customer stylist preferences or notes.
Another great feature of this new booking process also allows you to alter customer details within a booking. This process then automatically updates any other bookings within your planner eliminating any worry of having to change any existing appointments.

No Payment option for checkout process

An extra option for ‘No Payment’ is now available within Intersalon. This feature can be beneficial for bypassing the payment options in the checkout process for instances where payment may not be neccesary, for example a complimentary cut or special offer.

New appointment calendar on side menu

With the introduction of the new built in side menu, this feature allows you to easily navigate around your bookings with minimal clicks, access future dates effortless and will quickly become a indispensable part of your day to day procedures.

Intersalon now runs faster than ever

With Intersalon been a web based software package it is essential that we deliver the fastest salon software system available online. With new updates now embedded into the latest release of Intersalon, the speed of the package now runs close to 3 times the speed of the previous version.

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