What is Intersalon

Whats new in Intersalon

What new in Version 3.5?

Exciting New Salon Management Themes

Turn your salon software into an extension of your own brand.

Intersalon now comes with 3 different 'themes' or colour schemes. Our themes are really easy to select - and you can change as often as you like. The theme selector is available on every page, so you won't lose your place by changing theme.

New Individual Stylist Commission Option

Commission rates for stylists can be variable. We've now included stylist commission rates which allows you to set a unique commission rate for both services and products.

Intersalon Feedback Dashboard

Your feedback is very important to us and we also love to hear from you, so we've now included another great dashboard on the home page which allows you to get in contact with us. We hope to hear from you soon!

Merge Clients Feature

Don't you hate it then there are two of the same person in your system? Not anymore.

With our new 'Merge Client' feature in the clients section, this process allows you to select two duplicate clients and merge them into one. Simple as that.

Go check it out.

New ways of improving your salon management

Intersalon now includes a new milestone section which scores you on how much you are getting out of the system. This new feature also includes documents on how to achieve a better 'Intersalon score'.


Go see how Intersalons ranked you on 'Intersalon Milestones' tab located on the 'Home' section of the software!

New Intersalon Dashboard

Intersalon have been working hard to create you your own personal welcome dashboard. This exciting new feature includes instant widgets that allow you to interact with appointments at the click of a button and also view Business KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Objectives.

New Reports Developed

There are always new ways of viewing information and figures of how your salons performing. We have developed some great new reports which should make your end of day tasks that little bit easier.

New Planner Appointment Quick Viewer

Intersalon understands viewing appointment details needs to be a quick and easy process. With the new Appointment quick viewer, this feature allows you to simply hover over an appointment and view all the appointment details. This great new feature also allows easy access to editing an appointment at the click of a button.

Setting Up Stylists & Services Just Got Easier!

We have changed the way your stylists / therapists and services are created in Intersalon. This new process is a whole lot easier and simpler. Service Groups, Salon Roles and Salon Groups can now all be created within the new stylist and services pages. Assigning styling rates to services can also be done within the New Service page. Finally another feature we've included is a easy way of creating new 'Second Services' in the services list section.

Buying SMS Bundles

Buying SMS Bundles just got easier. Now included in the SMS section is a option to buy SMS bundles straight through our web site which instantly updates your new allowance.

New Intersalon Support Option

Ocassionally when you feel things are working exactly how you want them to or want to ask a question, the new Support dashboard allows you to get in contact with us. This great new feature allows Intersalon to take care of any problems or questions you have and resolve them as quickly as possible. The new support feature also allows you to post any development requests for us to assess.

Whats New Feature

With new updates coming out all the time, its important that intersalon lets you know as easily as possible. With the 'What's new' dashboard, this  allows you to see what great new features we've recently added and how you can as a salon can benefit from them.

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