What is Intersalon?

Mobile & Tablet

Run your business on the go

  • Web App designed for smartphones & tablets.
  • Simple, Intuitive User Experience with touch and gesture support
  • Improved Photo-upload and contact features.
  • Compatible with all mobile and tablet devices. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.

Intersalon was built from the ground up as online 'Cloud' salon software, allowing salon managers and customers to access salon features from anywhere. Our mobile booking pages add to this - letting customers make bookings from their smartphones and tablets.

Intersalon is now accessible via a mobile 'web app'.  This web app is designed to improve the experience of using Intersalon - and running your salon - on the move.

Designed primarily for salon owners and managers to run their businesses remotely, the app provides access to what we believe are the main features and requirements of that group.  Being Intersalon, it's easy to extend this functionality to your staff members if required.

The subset of features available in the mobile app compliment rather than replace laptop or desktop computer use.  While it's expected business owners will still setup and audit their data via a computer, the web app now provide swift access to the planner, appointments, customers and retail areas.

App Features
  • Add and Edit Customers
  • Upload client photos directly from your Camera Roll
  • Add and Edit Events, and add/remove Event Attendees
  • For solo-stylists - get directions to a client's address
  • Checkout appointments and add retail purchases
  • View order histories, graph and report the day's takings.

The Intersalon web app can be saved to your home screen, and becomes available at the touch of a button.  The touch friendly interface works great on smartphones and tablets, and it's quick and easy to switch to the full Intersalon offering when required.

It' supports all major smartphone and tablet manufacturers, including iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows Phone and others.