What is Intersalon?

In your language

Caption control enables Intersalon to suit any business regardless of sector or language.

The versatility of Intersalon is demonstrated with custom caption control. Custom caption control enables all the text based user interface elements to be customised to meet the requirements of the business.

Speaking Your Language

It is important, especially when staff are learning a new software system that the language used within the product matches their understanding. Custom caption control ensures that staff training and familiarisation with Intersalon is kept to an absolute minimum.

Preconfigured Templates

Some of the more common caption translations have been preconfigured and can be accessed from our online help system. So, for example, if you're a beauty salon then you can quickly switch the language and exchange all instances of 'Stylist' for 'Therapist' and 'Treatment' for 'Service'.

Multi Lingual Support
Although primarily design for English speaking countries, custom captions can be used to switch Intersalon to an International langauge.