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"Most software doesn’t do what you need it to do - Intersalon does."

Adrian Hanlon, Salon Owner - One Step Ahead

Salon Management Software

Intersalon expands on other salon software packages by combining your salon's day-to-day running with built in reports, ecommerce functionality, online booking and of course your free salon website. Intersalon is the complete salon management software package, making the running of your salon simple, and efficient.

 salon software

Salon Software

Salon Software from Intersalon will immediately help reduce no-shows, improve efficiency and push customer service to the next level. Online training and documentation for our salon software package and an easy to use interface means Intersalon is an ideal salon software package for your salon.

 hair salon software

Hair Salon Software

Intersalon making your appointment book simple. Our salon software has been designed to manage every aspect of your hair salon business. Keep customer and client records up to date, access customer history and appointment notes, and control stock levels. Intersalon's Hair salon software ensures your salon runs efficiently and smoothly.

 beauty salon software

Beauty Salon Software

Intersalon also works great in the beauty salon or spa environments. Our beauty salon software benefits from our experience in hair salon computer systems so we can provide great salon software packages to other business environments too. Our beauty studio software helps to fill planner gaps and pushes therapist utilisation forward. Intersalon makes running your beauty salon simpler, and smoother.

affordable salon software

Affordable Salon Software

Intersalon is a break through in salon software because Intersalon makes salon software accessible and affordable for all. A fixed flat rate charge of £39.99 that offers the complete salon software system that will not only help you manage your salon business but will also provide you with a website, online booking and your own online shop to help you maximise your salons potential.

 salon diary software

Salon Diary Software

Intersalon features an interactive salon diary that makes it quick and easy to check availablity and add appointments. Appointments types can be colour coded so its easy to identify different service types at a glance and the drag and drop features make it simple to change stylists or appointment duration. Intersalon provides a unique interactive dashboard that allows the salon owner or salon manager to get an instant view of current activity or salon performance. Intersalon's Key Performance Indicators (KPI) allow the salon to compare and track their performance against the national industry average, a unique feature only available in Intersalon that provides invaluable information when analysing the improvements made in the salon.

 online salon software

Online Salon Software

Intersalon is online which means it is accessed through an internet browser. The salon does not have to pay for upgrades as they are always using the latest version. We also take care of backing up the salon data, so if the salon's computer is stolen or damaged in some way then there is no loss of information for the salon. Click here to read more about the advantages of using online salon software over traditional software.

 salon websites

Hair Salon Websites

Intersalon comes with an optional salon website. The website is linked directly to the salon management software so content on the website is always kept up to date. We take the head-ache away from salons by managing the website for them. We will add text and images to the salon website so no technical skills are require to maintain the website. Hair salons, beauty studios and spa salons can benefit from our free website offer. Intersalon has no fixed term contracts and your account can be activated instantly. The first 30 days of the sign up is free so you get a full month to try the salon software to make sure its right for you. Our support team is always on hand to answer your questions and help you get started with the software.

Pricing & Purchasing

Hair salons, beauty studios, mobile stylists and spas - Salon Software for everyone!



Ideal for mobile stylists

  • Priority support
  • Personal website
  • 1 stylist
  • Online Booking
  • 30-day free trial
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Only £39.99/month


  • Priority support
  • 15 page website
  • Unlimited stylists
  • Multi salon support
  • 30-day free trial
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For smaller salons

  • Priority support
  • 3 page website
  • 3 stylists
  • Single salon package
  • 30-day free trial
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Intersalon trials are different - No credit card required, No cancellation required.