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What new in the latest version of Intersalon

Build your own dashboard with our new Widgets

'Widgets' are new for 2012. Widgets are small pieces of salon software functionality that can be selected, hidden and shown by the salon user as required. Each widget has been chosen to perform a regular routine task within the salon, whether that be adding a customer, searching for availability or checking daily sales figures. All salon's use the software differently and the widgets will help each salon customise and build their own dashboard where they can easily do the tasks and get the information they need quickly.

Salon Software Widgets

New Home Screen

Existing customers will notice a change when they first login to the new salon management system. The 'Home' page of Intersalon has be redesigned to include the new salon software widgets. The diary or planner is central to the new home screen but widgets can now be selected and organised to customise the home screen to meet the requirements of the salon.

Help and support plays a key role in the new home screen and customer can now review online documentation, watch video tutorials and get direct support from our support team, all directly from the main home screen. The widgets menu has been designed to be 'touch screen friendly', recognising the growing number of Intersalon customers that use the software on tablets.

Salon Software Home Screen

Salon Software Issue Based Newsletter

Traditionally newsletters in Intersalon were produced by adding a page on the salon website within the software and then setting the scheduler to mail this page out to all subscribers. This was a nice, simple way of producing newsletters and suited the way most salons wanted to work but didn't allow the salon to produce different newsletter types, manage different subscriber sets and view newsletter history. Issue based newsletter solve all these problems and allow the salon to produce an infinite number of newsletters and then within each newsletter an infinite number of issues.

Salon Software Issue Based NewslettersSo for example a salon that sells products online might have seperate newsletters for product offers and a different newsletter for salon news and treatment offers. One could then be published monthly and the other quarterly, each with its own subscribers.

Salon's will be able to select from a number of standard in-built templates to make the production of a newsletter quick and easy.

Customer File Management

Another exciting new feature is 'Customer File Management'. Intersalon now allows a salon to attach any number of files to a customer record card. These can be photographs, questionairre results or any piece of electronic information that pertains to a customer. We anticipate this feature being particularly useful for salons and clinics that offer a course of treatments and would like to visually track progress using photographs.

Salon Software Customer Records

Custom Captions for the Ultimate Customisation

Intersalon versatility has been a key factor in its success. In this release we've introduced a feature that will extend this even further making not only suitable for many different salon business sectors but also unleashsing its potential world wide. 'Custom Captions' allow the end user to customise any piece of text or message in Intersalon. This might mean in the case of beauty salons changing the word 'Stylist' for 'Therapist' and 'Service' for 'Treatment' but it doesn't need to stop there, captions can be localised to suit salon languages and cultures as well as business type.

Salon Software Language Translation 

Other New Features

Automatic Resource Allocation - Allocating resources for services and treatments now got even easier. Automatic resource allocation allows the salon to select which resources are mandatory for a service. All the mutli service availability checkers will check the usage of the resource before presenting booking options.

Card Deposits - Taking a deposit by 'Credit or Debit Card' is now supported. Intersalon will prompt the user to select the value being paid by card rather than assume its the full amount.

Automated Refund Process - In this release we've incorporate a new system for issuing refunds and tracking their history. The refund can be issued in cash or creditted to a card.

Documentation Update - We've taken the major step of producing a brand new set of online documentation. The help system now includes videos as well tutorials and a reference guide for each of Intersalons features.

Improved Remote Access - 'Quick Support' is the Intersalon remote access system that enables our support team to help you through any difficulties you might have with getting started or advanced tasks in Intersalon. The quick support application is downloadable from within the 'Help' menu in Intersalon and we have included versions for both PC and Mac.

Improved Mobile Online Booking - The new customer registration, login and online booking functionality has been improved on all our booking modules.

Intersalon Version History