What is Intersalon?

Appointments at a glance

The Intersalon appointment book is quick and easy to use. Appointments can be added using a single mouse click or touch.

  • Available 24/7, from anywhere in the world
  • Built in salon intelligence
  • Fully configurable for services and stylists
  • Clearly identify appointment types
  • Single click appointments
  • Day, Working Week and Month Views
  • Stylist Groups / Salon Groups
Available Anywhere

Having the appointment book online means a salon manager can view utilisation from anywhere that has access to the internet, from the salon, from home or even when away on holiday.

Salon Intelligence

The appointment book is designed to be managed from within the salon. The drag and drop functions make it very easy to add, move or edit appointments. Each appointment is colour coded to make it easy to see at a glance which appointments are new, complete or no shows.

Full Salon Control

The salon manager set-ups the configuration of the stylists and the type and duration of the services.


We've added tooltips to the appointment book to give you more information about a booking - just by 'hovering' your mouse. Just hover over the appointment you are interested in!

Appointment Icons

We've also added a selection of easily identifiable icon to each appointment, which highlight which phase the appointment is in. No shows and recurrent events are easier to spot.

Resource View
You can now view resource allocation from the planner. This lets you check resource or room allocation quickly, and Intersalon will warn you should you overbook a room or resource.
Appointment Printouts

You can now print a handy reciept-sized list of all appointments for a selected stylist on a selected day directly from the planner.

Appointment Type Identification

Each appointment is marked so that the salon can identify where it originated from and whether the appointment is linked or not.

Additional information such as whether the customer received an SMS or if there are any specific requirements for the customer can also be shown.

Single Click Appointments

Adding new appointments is done using a single mouse click or touch screen touch. Appointments can be dragged and dopped between stylists making it the most versatile planner around.

View Modes

The salon diary can be viewed in day, working week or month mode. This allows appointments to be easily moved from day to day.

Stylist Groups

Stylists can be organised into groups so the diary can be viewed clearly. Groups can be different salons or job functions e.g stylists, technicians etc.

Appointment popup

There's now a new quick way to add appointments. Although the planner functions as it always has, you can also now search for appointment space - including support for secondary services.