What is Intersalon?

Automated online bookings

Enabling salon customers to book a service, simply and securely in real time.

  • Two step online booing process
  • Confirmed bookings are entered directly into the appointment book
  • Built in salon intelligence that manages the salon diary and understands the relationship between service types.
  • Online service offering is fully configurable by salon
  • Eliminate the cost of 'No Shows'
  • Optionally take payments for bookings

Automated Booking

Automated booking means that confirmed bookings are entered directly into the appointment book, not just a booking request. Intersalon has built in salon intelligence that manages the stylists and ensures that they are not over allocated.

Fully Configurable

The services and stylists that are offered online are fully configurable by salon. Optionally, the salon can attribute a cost to a service or take a deposit.

No more 'No Shows'

A salon can use Intersalon to eliminate the cost of 'No Shows'. The salon can turn off the online booking for customers with a no show history or alternatively force these customer to pay for services booked online.

Email and SMS Enabled

Each booking is confirmed with an email and Intersalon has built in support for SMS appointment messaging and allows the salon to control the details of the message and the delivery schedule.

Account Management

Intersalon enables salon customers to view the status of their appointments through their own online account.


The salon sets the period when the online booking system can be used and how many active bookings a customers is allowed to make. Intersalon adapts to the way the salon wants to control their appointment book.

Simple Booking Process

The booking process is simple and quick to use for customers. Step 1, the customer searches for availability, finds a time that they want and then confirms. The appointment appears in the salon's diary and allocated so it can't be booked again.

Link Products to Service

Intersalon even allows you to link products to service so the salon can maximise their retail sales.