What is Intersalon?

Real Time Information

Your salon under the spotlight

Intersalon has a core set of reports that help the salon manager analyse the performance of the salon, stylists and products. These are accessible online at any time and from anywhere via the internet. Intersalon helps salon managers organise their time in the salon effectively.

As well as the built in reports what makes the Intersalon unique is that reports can be designed by users. So if you need to create or edit or edit a report you can.

  • Turnover (drill down for services and products)
  • Profitability
  • Utilisation by stylist
  • Product sales by product classification
  • Service sales by stylist
  • Customer reports, visits, online bookings, no shows
  • Website visitors, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Marketing and advertising campaign reports
  • Conversion reports
  • Cashing up / nightly reports
Custom Reports

If a salon requires a custom report then it can be easily be created by our development team and included in the product.

Report Saving

Intersalon has a unique feature that allows reports to be saved and archived. This allows a salon owner to compare different reports that were generated at the different times. This helps them measure whether improvements in either performance or profitiablility are being achieved.