Intersalon Support Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intersalon?

Intersalon is a new managed online salon software system designed for hair and beauty salons. It’s simple to use, smart, stylish and secure and enables a salon to connect with its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What does ‘Online’ mean?

‘Online’ effectively means that the system is accessible from any internet connection anywhere in the world.

How easy is it to use?

Intersalon has been designed to minimise data entry and make accessing salon services simple for salon staff and customers. Intersalon has been designed to give the salon manager the information they need to promote and maximise their business.

How do customers access salon services?

Intersalon has a built in website. The design and content of the website is chosen by the salon and can be changed at anytime. Intersalon has built website pages that enable customer’s to book services in ‘real time’, buy products and access salon galleries, news and features.

What does ‘Real Time Booking’ mean?

When customers search for a booking using the website, because the appointment book is online, the availability check is quick and always up to date. A confirmed booking is placed directly in the appointment book ensuring that the slot is then reserved online and in the salon.

Can I take deposits for bookings?

Intersalon has built in Ecommerce functions that not only allow the salon to sell their products online but also means that they can take money for services. It can be the full amount or just a deposit.

Will Intersalon help me reduce the cost of No-Shows?

A deposit to cover the costs of a booking combined with the appointment reminder SMS is the Intersalon method of reducing the cost of No-Shows.

How secure it is my data?

With traditional software the computer and its data can be lost, stolen or erased and manual backups are the responsibility of the salon. With Intersalon the data is stored on Intersalon servers which are regularly and automatically backed up.

What does ‘Managed Software’ mean?

Traditional software normally involves infrequent and complex upgrades; often it’s mandatory to receive support. ‘Managed Software’ means that all software updates and new features are automatically applied and available next time you log in at no extra costs.

Will Intersalon work with my current EPOS system?

Intersalon works both with and without any in salon EPOS software system. Customers, products and the appointment book can all be synchronised between the two systems.

How does the Intersalon booking system differ from other online booking systems?

Intersalon is unique because the complete customer experience, from selecting the stylist and service, through to checking availability, confirming a booking and then managing their account is done from within the salon’s own website. Customers feel secure within the environment because they know they are dealing with their salon and not a third party. Alternatively, our online booking engine can be integrated into your current website meaning clients that visit your site will be able to book through intersalon without even leaving the site.

What do I need to get started with Intersalon?

It’s very simple; all that’s needed is a single computer and a broadband internet connection for the salon. If you are currently running salon EPOS software or an intelligent till then in most cases your existing computer hardware is suitable.

How long does it take to be up and running?

For standard design themes the service can be activated in as little as 48 hours from initial order. The website creation is done automatically; all the salon is left to do is to add their content.

Can I run the Intersalon across multiple salons?

Yes. Salons can be managed centrally using the Intersalon site manager, particularly useful for multi-salon chains and franchises where centralised content management and business intelligence is required. Discounts are offered for owners that wish to adopt Intersalon across more than one salon.

I’ve already got a website, is that now redundant?

If you’ve already invested in a website then the style and design of the website can easily be used to create your own custom Intersalon theme. This means that you can benefit from the rich Intersalon functionality while maintaining your existing website look and feel.

What are the pricing options?

The salon software costs are £39.99 per month and there are no fixed term contracts. There are no limitations in terms of the number of users or computers that can run the software.
The website modules are optional and carry an additional charge depending on which modules you require. These can be added to your package at anytime and like the main software subscription there are no fixed term contracts.


Is there training available with Intersalon

We offer online training and support for all our customers at no extra charge. If required, one of our support team can log into the software with you and walk you through all the different features. From creating your first stylist and service, to setting up online booking and  ecommerce sales, the Intersalon support team are always on hand to help.

Is Intersalon suitable for touch screen operation?

Yes, Intersalon's main functions have been designed to work with a touch screen. The optimimum screen resolution for Intersalon is 1024 x 768 pixels so for that we recommend a 17" touch screen.

Is Intersalon compatible with Mac computers?

Intersalon is accessed through a web browser so yes, it does work on mac's and we do have a few clients that use them with our software.

I like the idea of it being Internet based but what happens if the internet connection is down?

The software does rely on the salon having a stable and reasonably quick internet connection. Typically we ask for 2MB which is almost universally available. If you have temporary problems with your internet connection for any reason then our support team will supply you with any of your salons data via fax or email until you can rectify your connection problems.

How do I cancel my Intersalon account?

To cancel your Intersalon subscription, simply call us on 01909 512130 to speak with one of the Intersalon team, tell us that you wish to cancel your Intersalon package and we'll stop the payments and take care of the rest our self. Please make sure you have exported any data and/or client databases before as you will not have access to the system after cancelling.

Does the software require each user to logon?

You can configure as many accounts as you need. You can create individual users for all your staff which will allow you to trace each and every transaction or you could have a much simpler system with a user for the owner and another for the staff. Each would have their own restrictions in terms of the operation they can perform.

Can I use intersalon on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes! In theory, Intersalon will run on any device with web browsing capabilities. We have tested it on both the iPhone and the iPad, it is fully functioning on both but not so practical on an iPhone due to the screen size limitations however running the software on an iPad could work quite well.

Can I buy Intersalon outright?

We offer the software as a monthly subscription to minimse the outlay for new salon start ups. If you wish you can supply payment in advance; say for the first 12 months, we have had customers that have done that. We think the pay monthly option works because we keep the software up to date, with our system you'll never need to pay for an upgrade and you'll always be using the latest version and get access to the best features.