Why go Intersalon

Hair Solved

Intersalon has been built from the ground up to be as versatile as possible in any business environment. While Intersalon is primarily hair and beauty salon software, we have clients in a number of different lines of business.

A long time user of Intersalon is Hair Solved. Hair Solved, owned and managed by Lucas Sojka, is a clinic specialising in hair loss solutions for women. The expanding business, with locations in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, uses a single instance of Intersalon to manage its business systems.

Previous to Intersalon, Hair Solved used a simple pen-and-paper diary approach to client booking and management. Other than the more obvious business improvements found when switching to a software package, Intersalon also allowed Hair Solved to take real time online bookings from customers. The custom-built multiple-location online booking engine is unique to this Intersalon setup, allowing customers to use a single sign-on to book online for any Hair Solved branch.

On the Hair Solved website, Lucas describes his determination to make Hair Solved services both more widely available and more affordable for those who could really benefit from it. Intersalon comfortably handles Hair Solved's rapidly expanding business with ease, without any increase in software costs.