Why go Intersalon

One Step Ahead

One step ahead is a small independent salon with over 35 years of history. They are a family salon with many happy clients. They are situated in the small but very well populated village of Doddinghurst, Brentwood in Essex.

Adrian Hanlon is the owner of one step ahead, before Intersalon they didn’t use a salon management system, they kept track of appointments, clients and takings on pen and paper. Here’s what Adrian had to say about the paper based system.

“The old method was inefficient, there were problems when stylists were off sick, the client database was very difficult to use and not always clear due to different handwriting and mistakes. Also the record book could be lost or stolen and there were no other copies.”

Adrian trialled multiple salon management systems but took a liking towards Intersalon.

We asked Adrian why he chose Intersalon.

“Most software doesn’t do what you need it to do, however, Intersalon does.”

Adrian has a small "booking only" website with us which is linked to from his main site which can be viewed here

When Adrian was getting started with intersalon he called us every day for the first 2 weeks to ask a few little questions, he also ran the paper system alongside intersalon for the first 2 months.

Finally, we asked how Intersalon has improved business overall.

“Intersalon has made our booking and time management more efficient and saved us the time and effort of manually accounting for each sale. The money we spend on Intersalon/text reminders per week still works out a lot less than having no shows. This has meant we are actually making more money since we started using it.”