Why go Intersalon

Intersalon is constantly proving itself to be a versatile salon software system that can be adapted to suit any business that has diary management at the heart of their operation. The obvious synergy between hair and beauty salons always meant that it would work well for both but one growing sector for Intersalon which was probably not foreseen is ‘Pet Parlours’.

These business share the same basic fundamentals as hair and beauty salons such as diary management for staff, stock control for products and online booking.

The ‘Posh Pet Parlour’ is a chain of cat and dog grooming salons located in and around the London area. Initially Candice Hodge; the salon owner, approached Intersalon about the suitability of the product to meet her requirements because she was disappointed with products specifically designed for her business. She trialled the software and found for the most part it was a good fit, however she required some additional fields for customers where she could store details on the pet and not just the customer.

Intersalon’s ‘Custom Fields’ came to rescue. Custom fields allow the end user to create their own extensions to the customer which can then be used when viewing, searching and selecting customers and proved just the job for Candice. After her first system Candice then went on to sign up again, creating separate salon management systems for her additional parlours taking advantage of the ‘half price’ option when purchasing multiple packages.