What is Intersalon?

Complete staff management

Intersalon provides the tools to enable the salon owner to effectively manage their staff.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Working Patterns
  • Services and Treatments
  • Renumeration & Commission
  • Resource Management
Working Patterns

Intersalon meets the needs of the modern salon by allowing the salon to build very complex working patterns for the staff. This makes Intersalon suitable for employed staff or those businesses that use sub-contract staff.


Intersalon understands the connections between a stylist/therapist and the services they offer. This means that a single Intersalon system can be used to manage multiple disciplines. Intersalon ensures that only the correct services are booked to required stylist or therapist.

Renumeration and Commission

Our 'Time and Attendance' widget provides a simple clocking in and out system for staff. Hours worked and payroll figures can then be easily generated. Renumeration rates for both hours worked and sales commission can set for each member of staff individually.

Resource Management

Managing resources such as treatment rooms or sunbeds is made easy in Intersalon. Resources can be linked to services or treatments and booked automatically when available. This eliminates double booking and ensures that the salon diary is effectively controlled.