What is Intersalon?

Friends & Followers

Integrate your salon with Facebook and Twitter.

  • Advertise availability on your facebook page
  • Offer exclusive discounts via Twitter
  • Use your customer database to add facebook friends
Social Media

The latest exciting edition to Intersalon is our Social Networking module. Social media is a powerful tool when you need to interact with your community in real time. Intersalon connects directly with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so salon updates can be posted quickly and easily.

Maximise Business Potential

Used effectively the Intersalon social networking features will maximise the salon's business potential. Any last minute availability in the appointment diary can be Tweeted or published to your Facebook wall and the message customised to include a direct link to your Intersalon online booking page. Friends and followers can just follow the link and get instant access and then book directly, what could be simpler!


Offers and promotions

It's always vital to keep salon customers updated with the latest offers and promotions. Facebook and Twitter improve on the traditional email approach because the customer moderates their own social network, only including as friends or following who they want. A post to a Facebook wall or a tweet that appears in a customers Twitter feed is more likely to be read and responded to than an email that ends up in their Junk or Spam email folder.

Cost Effective

More cost effective than SMS, more targetted than email, the Social Networking feature is clearly an Intersalon module that is going to grow and go from strength to strength and as with all Intersalon features is freely available to all our salon customers.

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