What is Intersalon?

Point of sale solutions

Intersalon also works as your point of sale system. Linking to touch screens, bar code scanners and receipt printers.

  • Fast and easy checkout process
  • Fully customisable receipt
  • Easy to add walk-in services
  • Merge Customer Bills
  • Custom discount vouchers and levels
  • Linked to appointment diary

Fast and Easy Checkout

The sales process is simple and quick, whether it be checking out from the appointment planner or creating a new product sale.

Custom Receipt Builder

As well as the sale details the salon gets to choose what else is including on the receipt. For example this could include the customer details, salon logo or the customers next appointment.

Walk In Friendly

Adding walk-in services to a sale can be easily done even if the appointment doesn't appear in the planner. This makes it suitable for salons that still prefer to use the traditonal appointment book.

Merge Customer Bills

Intersalon makes it easy to merge customer sales into a single transaction. This is useful where two or more family members are booked in on the same day but one person pays for the whole package.

Customer Discount Levels

The checkout system automatically deducts discount for customers that have been allocated a discount level by the salon manager/owner. This makes is easy for the salon owner to control discounts in the salon.

Appointment Diary Linked

Each time a sale is produced from the appointment diary the appointment status in the diary is updated to clearly mark completed and paid appointments.

Secure and traceable

Intersalon requires each user to logon and this is used to track all all actions on the system. Logon can be made simpler and more secure by the use of a finger print reader.